A N Pandey has worked as a senior scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) for more than three decades till 2006 and now  the director of a Hyderabad-based institute, ‘Spiritual Awareness Programme’, is actively working in the fields of Yoga, space and Energy and its correlation with Dvait and Advait.He proposes a strong correlated concept betwen Dvaita & Advaita in 8th Century (to represent the wholesome effect of Veda) its endorsement in 17th century by Tulsi; in 20th Century by Science and in 21st Century by Yoga. Currently he is engaged in research into the reason for debate between Mandan Mishra and Shankaracharya at this place.

Pandey has published books on “Yoga – A Solution to Manage International Problems Related to Swine Flu and Post-Nuclear Leakage Crisis” and “Spiritual Approach to Combat Influenza A (H1N1)”.


Dr S.S. Kulkarni CMD at MAAD Finishing School International and Chairman Neuroplasticity Connect Center.

• As a Psychiatrist & Clinical Psychologist professionally contributing to medical field with regular consulting practice.
• As Corporate management trainer conducting management, health and lifestyle, motivational training programmes for senior and top management of leading corporate clients.
• As Educationist developed International Schools, Management Institutes, Information Technology Institutes, and Paramedical Colleges, Nursing Schools, Pharmacy Colleges, Rural Vocational Training Centres etc.
• As Hospital Management Consultant established turnkey project, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, and School health projects, as a private consultant and with leading organizations.
• As Information Technology Content Developer contributed for software development projects in Emotional Health portal, Hospital Management & Clinic Management Software.
• As a Health Spa and Alternative System of Medicine Expert developed institutions for holistic health treatment and alternative health expert training with Health Tourism Inputs.

Dr Umesh Sharma (Ph D, Diploma in Medical Psychology, MBA, Certified Trainer for MBTI and NLP from USA) first person to be designated as psychologist in Indian industry when he joined BHEL, currently President, SAMVEDNA, corporate trainer. He is an author of par eminence of over 100 articles and two award-winning books. His book on “Stress Management Through Ancient Wisdom And Modern Science and Born To Grow-Parenting Confident And Competent Children has become a bestseller. Dr Sharma had appeared on TV show on the subjects like Psychology of Winner and Losers, Stress Management, Anger Management, Parenting in 21st Century etc. Dr Sharma has received several awards including best management paper awards, best HRD professional award etc.